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Neil Wotton

Chief Operating Officer

Neil Wotton serves as Chief Operating Officer of FLINT Corp. Mr. Wotton joined the team in 2015 as the Vice President, Wood Buffalo region and was promoted to his current role in July 2016.  Mr. Wotton is responsible for overseeing FLINT’s operations for all service offerings, developing best practices and creating cost effective win-win solutions. Always championing culture, Neil drives operational excellence and fosters a positive work environment where all team members can perform at their maximum potential while always considering safety, quality, and the environment.

Mr. Wotton is an accomplished leader with over 35 years of experience and a history of success in construction, fabrication, manufacturing, maintenance, turnarounds, and environmental services.  Prior to joining FLINT, Mr. Wotton worked with AECOM, a Fortune 200 company. During his 27-year tenure at AECOM (Flint/URS), Neil held progressive leadership and executive roles such as Estimating Manager, Director of Project Management, Vice President of Fabrication and Modularization and Senior Vice President of Major Projects.

Mr. Wotton is actively engaged in minor hockey in the community where he lives.  

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