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Environmental Services

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FLINT provides professional consulting and field services to our clients, supporting various end markets such as Oil & Gas, Power, Government, Mining and Forestry, as these services complement our fabrication, construction, and maintenance service offering. 

At FLINT, we offer full-scope environmental and regulatory services, from the initial planning stage (pre-construction assessments, regulatory licensing and permitting, etc.), through the operational stage (amendments or renewal applications, water, air, and soil monitoring, waste management reporting and spill response), to site abandonment and decommissioning, and remediation and reclamation stage (phase 1 and 2 environmental site assessments, remedial excavations, and full site reclamation including required regulatory submissions or notifications). 

FLINT’s abandonment and decommissioning team successfully executes small and large scale facility decommissioning as well as, pipeline abandonment and the removal of surface facilities across Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. The team has completed over 800 pipeline abandonments, including the removal of approximately 275 surface facilities and several large scale facility decommissioning projects. We pride ourselves on delivering cost and schedule certainty to our clients while implementing our all-inclusive turnkey approach to asset retirement programs. 

As an organization, FLINT recognizes the importance of providing business to local and Indigenous communities throughout the various jurisdictions we operate in.

For every project, where local and Indigenous businesses are available to provide services on a best-value basis, our commitment has always been to use those services.

The Indigenous communities with which FLINT is affiliated and/or engaged in strategic partnerships are located locally in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. 

Our Environmental Specialists and Project Managers are available to provide insightful due diligence consultancy that supports decision-making and can facilitate any project transactions for various clients and ensure compliance against the regulations and applicable environmental requirements. 

Interested in Learning More?

You can download our Regulatory and Environmental Advisory Services brochure here for more information.
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Interested in Learning More?

You can download our Regulatory and Environmental Advisory Services brochure here for more information.

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