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Our partners

Fort McMurray First Nation Group of Companies

(FMFN Group)

FLINT established a joint venture with Fort McMurray First Nation Group of Companies (FMFN Group) the business entity of the Fort McMurray #468 First Nation, in 2021. This joint venture leverages the experience and strengths of both parties for mutual benefit and growth and supports the Fort McMurray area by working with local businesses and industry partners.

Together with FMFN Group, FLINT is a leading service provider in the region for Maintenance and Turnarounds, Heavy Equipment Operators, Machining, Facility and Pipeline Construction and provision of Asset Integrity Products in Northern Alberta.

FLINT and FMFN Group share similar values, and we are both committed and focused on employee safety and personal growth, as well as community development in the regions we operate in. Together, we strive to increase training, development, and employment opportunities for the local Fort McMurray #468 community. Our joint venture has enhanced our service offering and enabled us to better serve our clients.

Blueberry River First Nations


FLINT established a joint venture with Blueberry River First Nations (BRFN) in 2019 as part of our strategic plan for diversity and inclusion. This joint venture commits FLINT and BRFN to ongoing mutual growth, collaborative decision-making, training and development, employment, and sub-contracting opportunities. It also formalizes FLINT’s ongoing commitment to community involvement by being a visible partner to the BRFN community.

Together, we will create value for both parties by leveraging our common strengths to become a leading industrial services provider in Fort St. John and Northeast British Columbia.

Kentz-FLINT Joint Venture

FLINT established a joint venture with SNC-Kentz in 2016. Under this agreement, we won a five-year contract with a prominent integrated oil company to provide engineering and procurement services for maintenance and sustainment projects in the Fort McMurray region in Alberta.


Bison is a joint venture between FLINT and Nesokmahtan Enterprises, which is a Metis Region 6 company

Bison offers general labour services for maintenance and turnaround projects in the Peace River region of Alberta.


ClearLync is a joint venture between FLINT and Lynco Energy Services that was formed in December 2016. This collaboration combines the strengths of each company to deliver the best expertise in our field to local customers while providing opportunities for Indigenous individuals to develop within the industry.

ClearLync supports inclusion and cooperation with Indigenous communities and is dedicated to being a conscientious business partner.

ClearLync has executed maintenance, turnaround and sustaining project work in Southern Saskatchewan.