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Maintenance & Turnarounds

Focusing on safety, risk mitigation, and quality, FLINT provides maintenance and turnarounds (TAR) to various energy and industrial markets. We are a one-stop-shop, offering complementary services and specialized products. Choose one of our three proven turnaround models today.

Turnaround Models


  • Turnkey service: FLINT is integrated fully with the Client.
  • FLINT develops and manages the schedule, work packages, all third-party services, safety, quality, and coordinates and leads the work-fronts.
  • FLINT provides the labour and equipment for the turnaround.


  • Hybrid model: FLINT is integrated with the Client.
  • FLINT and Client execute planning, management and supply scopes as in a scope assignment matrix.
  • FLINT provides the labour and equipment (as required) for the turnaround.


  • FLINT supplies labour and supervision workforce.
  • FLINT uses the Client generated work packages to execute the work.
  • Client manages subcontractors, equipment, coordination of work-fronts.

Turnaround Services

Turnaround Management, Planning and Scheduling
Quality Assurance and Project Controls/Cost Tracking
Procurement and Logistics Management
Subcontractor Management and Field Supervision
Electrical and Instrumentation
Shop and Field Fabrication and Machining Services
Exchanger Services and Repairs - Bundle Pulling Installation
Field Vessel Repairs - Weld Overlay
Hydraulic Torquing and Tensioning
Electronic Flange Management System
3-D Scanning
Insulation Services and Blanket Fabrication

Proven Track Record

Access to the largest open shop workforce in Western Canada
‘Turnaround Passport System’ for workforce transfer
Proven Safety and Quality Management Systems resulting in industry-leading TRIF and Quality Metrics
Senior leadership engagement with site teams
Execution certainty driven by internal Readiness Review Process, Execution Manual, Turnaround Procedures, and applied lessons learned
Formalized relationships with local and Indigenous communities in which we operate
Integrated digital technologies driving efficiency


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