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Read our Sustainability Reports to learn more about our ESG goals and accomplishments.

2022 Sustainability Report
Flint Energy Reporting


Our greatest asset is our people. 
Diversity makes us stronger.

At FLINT, we believe equity, diversity, and inclusion enable better outcomes for our clients, a deeper understanding of communities and indigenous peoples, and innovative solutions that propel our organization forward.

We believe in the importance of fostering a safe and welcoming work environment for all employees, regardless of age, sex, race, color, religion, national origin, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

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Increase Women in Senior Leadership Roles to 30% by 2026
Increase Women in the Workforce to 20% by 2026

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Increase Underrepresented Groups in the Workforce to 15% by 2026


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FLINT recognizes the importance of reducing our carbon footprint to build a sustainable future.

At FLINT, we are stewards of the environment and recognize our responsibility to make every effort to mitigate the environmental impact of our operations. Our organization is committed to third-party quantification and verification of our white iron fleet emissions data through our telematics provider.

FLINT is committed to modernizing our operations and implementing low-emission technology across our business.


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FLINT Commits $500k by 2026 to Sustainable Technology Investment that Directly Reduces our Carbon Footprint


Involving local and Indigenous communities is key to our long-term sustainability and growth.

At FLINT, we care about the communities in which we live and operate. Our organization is committed to limiting impact due to operations, providing benefits to local communities and businesses/suppliers as a result of our operations, and involving local and Indigenous communities in our operations.

FLINT places significant importance in the inclusion of local Indigenous communities in our business activities.

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Continue to Partner With and Support Local and Indigenous Communities Through Employment, Funding, Sponsorship of Local Events, and Capacity-Building Initiatives
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Continue to Invest in and Support the Local Communities in Which We Operate


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At FLINT, maintaining robust stewardship and addressing stakeholder interests in a fair, transparent, and responsible manner is imperative to our success.

Accountability and transparency are key values that drive our everyday operations. We are committed to continuous improvement and honest communication with all stakeholders.

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Maintain and Continue to Earn the Trust of our Clients, Stakeholders, and Communities Where We Work
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Implement a Whistleblower Hotline
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Increase Access to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion and Environment, Social, and Governance Training Company-Wide