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Asset Protection Solutions

Purposefully Built to Shield Against Corrosion and Abrasion Challenges
Manufactured in Alberta, Canada by FLINT
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The AssetArmor™ Product Line

Defending and Extending the Life of Your Most Critical Assets

AssetArmor™ Protection Solutions are designed for various asset arrangements and sizes, with the ability to service a wide variety of markets and specifications across the globe.

Our suite of asset protection products and expertise is why AssetArmor™ continues to be an industry preferred partner. Forging trusted relationships with a customer-first approach, ensures we deliver reliable asset protection at the right price.

Our custom asset protection solutions will extend the service life of your hardest-working assets, so that you can maximize your cost savings and uptime.

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Designed to withstand even the most hostile environments.
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Abrasion-resistant sleeves to increase your operational time.
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Over 300 material and overlay weld procedure combinations to work with.
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See early detection of declining asset integrity and protection in real-time.
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Used in heavy wear combined with high-flow applications.
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Our team delivers field services you need when you need them the most.
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Our Legacy

AssetArmor™ is the ultimate defense that your critical assets need to stand the test of time – even in the most hostile environments. 

This product line is manufactured by  FLINT.  FLINT, in combination with legacy acquisitions such as Brospec 2001 LP, Matrix Wear Tech., Cladtech Inc., and AFX Materials & Fab. provides for an unrivalled suite of over 40 years of experience and corrosion and abrasion protection know-how. 

As one of the largest weld overlay solution companies in North America, and with over 100,000 square feet of fabrication/weld overlay space and numerous semi-robotic machines, our experience and expertise in manufacturing dependable asset protection products are well recognized around the world. 

Our commitment to innovation through our research and development program and our lab testing facility has driven us to continuously improve and develop new products that have forged the AssetArmor™ product family. 

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Our Commitment to Quality

AssetArmor™ has been developed with a long-term commitment to quality.

Our overlay divisions are proud holders of ASME U, ASME U2, ASME S, ABSA and CWB certification. This long-term relationship with regulatory bodies allows the AssetArmor™ product line to provide a wide range of product offerings from the supply code-compliant pressure equipment to subcontract welding on free-issue standard material.

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