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Robert Farthing

Vice President, Operational Delivery and Environmental Services

Robert Farthing serves as Vice President, Operational Delivery and Environmental Services of FLINT Corp. In this role, Mr. Farthing oversees operational best practices, processes, methodologies and work instructions to ensure the successful delivery of safe and improved client delivery. Furthermore, he manages the day-to-day operations of the Environmental Services Division.

Mr. Farthing has over 18 years of Operational Engineering and Technical Services experience. He has significant experience leading, transforming and engaging multidisciplinary technical teams to achieve enterprise-wide strategic goals. Prior to joining FLINT in January 2024, Mr. Farthing served as Chief Operating Officer of CleanO2 Carbon Capture Technologies and Stella Power. Prior to that, he worked at Suncor Energy Inc. for nine years, holding key roles such as Engineering Manager in various disciplines, including Technical Strategy, Project Support, and Technical Specifications.

Mr. Farthing is a professional engineer and holds a Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Alberta.

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