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How Do We Make Safety Our Number One Priority? Flint's 2021 Safety in Action Awards of Excellence

Published January 13, 2022.
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Flint How Do We Make Safety Our Number One Priority

Proper safety standards in the workplace are crucial for employees' wellbeing. These standards can vary depending on the industry, but there are some universal guidelines that all employers should follow. For example, employers should provide a safe and secure environment for their employees, train them on operating machinery or equipment safely and responsibly, and give employees the resources they need to do their job correctly and safely.

Employees should be taught how to use tools and machinery properly. In addition, their training should emphasize wearing appropriate protective gear such as gloves, eyewear, respirators, earplugs or headphones as needed, following procedures for hazardous materials, and knowing what steps to take if an emergency arises, such as a fire or spill.

Some industries have unique safety hazards that need special attention. At Flint, we take safety as a priority, and this is why we have developed industry-leading policies that help us ensure our employee's wellbeing in the workplace.

Our Safety Initiatives and Policies

At Flint, we develop our safety standards in several directions:

  • We are certified to operate in accordance with over thirteen safety codes and reference standards, validated in our industry, for all of our services.
  • We take additional efforts and create safety initiatives to help different branches of our business.
  • We believe that everybody holds responsibility for us all to work in a safe and stable environment. As a leading provider of industrial services, it's our mission to build trust with our employees, so we all give our best efforts to support and improve our safety initiatives and policies.
  • As a leading provider of industrial services with unique challenges regarding safety, we understand the importance of this matter for our business. This is why, as another brave step further, we have implemented an Awards and Recognition program to acknowledge our employee's unique ideas and efforts to support our safety policies. We recognize and encourage our employees to work safely, report hazards, and reinforce the refusal to work in unsafe conditions through this program.

How We Improve Safety Through Our Initiatives

Over the years, our organization has shifted from a reactive to a proactive culture, focusing on what we can do to indirectly impact lagging indicators by focusing on leading indicators. We developed best practices in all functional responsibilities and hold our leaders accountable for implementing those in their work. In addition, we are proactive in monitoring and evaluating our safety practices through daily operations to build functional policies and validate our safety management.

Our initiatives help us improve our policies and provide the best work environment for our employees. Some examples of these initiatives are:

  • The Individual Specific HSE Improvement Plan – an initiative that includes area review and focused improvement through a quarterly audit.
  • The FLHA Formal field audits, which we use to validate the quality of hazard assessments.
  • The safety passport, which helps us to track work competency and give additional support when needed.

The Importance of Training Initiatives as a Preventative Measure

Training initiatives help in the development of human resources in all sectors. They are necessary not only to improve skills and develop new knowledge but also to implement some safety practices in the workplace. At Flint, we engage our employees in training initiatives to help them improve their workforce competencies and stay safe during work. Some examples of our training initiatives are:

  • The Supervisor excellence training.
  • The Management Trainee program.
  • Practical competency assessments, performed by supervision.

We are proud to provide a wide range of solutions to the Energy and Industrial markets, and to ensure a secure work environment to our employees. An important part of this process is to ensure safety in practice – by providing our colleagues with the right tools and empowerment to achieve organizational effectiveness in their work.

As part of our corporate responsibility, all of our services are supported by safety standards and special measures in place to ensure that all of our teams and clients will be safe during their work with us.

How Flint’s Awards and Recognition Program Recognizes Exceptional Safety Practices

Our Awards and Recognition program is another initiative we are proud of.

Every January, Flint awards two teams (divisional and district) our CEO Safety in Action awards for their ideas and efforts in establishing a safer work environment for our teams. The award is based on the previous year's performance and helps us recognize some of the exceptional ideas and measures taken to ensure safety in our workplace.

We are happy to announce the two teams that we will award this year on a special award presentation that took place on 13th of January 2022.

From all of us at Flint:

  • Congratulations to the Wear Technology Overlay for the 2021 Safety in Action Divisional Award of Excellence!
  • Congratulations to the Flint Foothills for the 2021 Safety in Action District Award of Excellence!

We Acknowledge Our Corporate Responsibility

Safety standards and protocols should always be followed in an industrial workplace. This includes wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment, maintaining a safe distance from hazardous equipment, and following company safety guidelines. The best way to maintain a safe work environment is for management and employees to do their part.

At Flint, we believe that our teams are our greatest resource. We hire the best professionals and cultivate a culture where our employees can improve their knowledge and skills. Our training programs and safety initiatives aim to support our teams in being the best without risking their health and wellbeing in the workplace.

In an industry with many specific risk factors and hazards, it's important to acknowledge responsibility in establishing good practices and standards and following them through daily operations. We trust that our achievements are a significant step towards creating the best work environment possible for our teams and limiting the stress in their work. This is why we invest in a number of initiatives, contributing to the collision of safety and excellence at work.