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Importance Of Facility Shutdowns

Published March 31, 2021.
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Flint Energy Importance Of Facility Shutdowns April 2021 V2

Facility maintenance and turnarounds - also known as outages - are both unavoidable and necessary. This requires the facility to stop part or all its operations to maintain, replace or upgrade equipment. This process is a big challenge that owners face because a poorly planned shutdown can cause great losses to a company. However, shutdowns that are executed effectively will have major positive impacts on the facility, increasing productivity and financial outcome.

Why are shutdowns needed?

Shutdowns are necessary because governing agencies often require them to prevent accidents and ensure that the facilities are running within required regulations. A shutdown is an ideal time for operators to fix equipment to prevent issues before they arise and causes costly outages or injuries. A facility can only perform optimally if it is being maintained and repaired on time. Turnarounds may be scheduled for any length of time, but performance will be much better in the future.

What we offer.

Flint is here to minimize downtime and maximize our clients’ profitability. With over 50 years of experience, we supply end-to-end solutions to our clients. Our services support all aspects of pipeline and facility maintenance and management, this includes:

  1. Operations, maintenance, and project management.
  2. Project controls, planners & schedulers, and estimators.
  3. Operations support.
  4. Strategic sourcing: procurement, expediting & logistics, materials management.
  5. Safety & quality management systems.
  6. Inspection services.
  7. Regulatory compliance.
  8. Complete plant & field personnel.
  9. Subcontractor management.
  10. Exchanger & bundle pulling.

Flint is the clear choice for facility maintenance and management. With offices in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan, we work closely with our clients to maximize their operational success, execute safely, on-schedule and within budget.