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Importance of Instrumentation

Published July 2, 2021.
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What is instrumentation?

Electrical and instrumentation are a subfield of electrical engineering that mainly focuses on measurements of process variables (such as temperature, pressure and volume) in industrial facilities and equipment management used for automated controls.

The increase in automated equipment has led to stunning technological advancements, but with a significant rise in automation, concerns for worker safety is also increased. In the past, machinery was much simpler to operate; it has become much more complicated over time. Workers must go through proper training to use it, and there needs to be trained personnel to repair the machines. In addition, when working with such heavy and dangerous machines, it is difficult to gather accurate measurements. That is why instrumentation is so essential.

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For example, if you are driving a car, the car has instruments that notify you of your speed, oil levels or gas. These are automated so that the driver does not have to measure them manually. When the car is having problems, it notifies the driver. When operating heavy machinery, it is not as simple as a car. With the numerous amount of processes involved, accurate instrumentation is required to make sure operations run smoothly. Operators must be aware of many factors such as pressure, fluid level, temperature and more. Inaccurate readings can lead to personnel injuries.

Flint is a western Canadian-based Electrical and Instrumentation, service provider. We serve multiple business sectors: oil and gas, pulp and paper, petrochemical, commercial, light industrial, food and beverage, municipal water and sewer, power generation, mining, and transportation.

Our electrical and instrumentation installations are completed in compliance with the latest edition of the Canadian Electrical Code. A code-compliant installation ensures the protection of people, the asset and the environment.

We construct, maintain and provide on-call Electrical and Instrumentation services from our 5 locations. Flint is licensed to provide electrical contracting services in each of the four western provinces. We've provided continuous services to our customers for over 40 years.

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