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What Goes into Facility Construction?

Published June 11, 2021.
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Flint What Goes Into Facility Construction Blog June 2021

Flint builds and maintains world-class facilities; our end-to-end solutions include project and construction management, constructability and planning (advanced work packaging), the path of construction and 3D scanning, fabrication, construction, and commissioning. We are experts in executing each project safely and on schedule. Not many understand what goes into the construction of a facility, a few things that go into each successful project are:

Planning and Experience: FLINT is an Industry Leader!

Flint’s experience has shown that the following factors are key and typically provide our clients with the greatest opportunity to reduce their total installed cost (TIC) while ensuring the operability of an asset:

The constructability phase is all about planning and putting our experience to work! This important step provides Flint with the greatest opportunity to influence the project decisions early in the design. Constructability has many aspects, which includes the following:

  • Contracting strategy – working with the client to develop the appropriate contract mechanism to incentivize behaviours for all key stakeholders and align risk. This ensures goals are aligned and success is realized throughout the construction phase.
  • Project culture – Establish expectations and goals early around a win-win culture for the client and Flint. If you have worked with our Flint team you know what it is like to have a win-win culture!
  • Design & layout – Influencing plant or asset arrangement early in the design phase allows for the best path of construction to be realized, while ensuring the plant can be operated in a safe and efficient manner once commissioned.
  • Fabrication and Modularization – Understanding what can be optimized offsite at one of our Flint fabrication facilities or stick built by Flint’s onsite experienced construction crews is key. Flint’s experience coupled with our technology, such as 3D modelling and scanning ensures we make the right decisions and execute as per the plan.
  • Craft productivity – Flint will assemble a project team, which works collaboratively with our client through constructability and construction to ensure the execution of the project is a success. These Teams will be comprised of personnel with the appropriate skills, knowledge and experience. A Flint advantage is our world-class personnel! In order to realize the full potential of this skilled team, Flint utilizes Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) to enable Flint’s experienced front-line supervision to lead their teams effectively and resulting in the maximum time on tools, while mitigating and removing any constraints.
  • AWP – This process includes the client, engineering, and Flint working together to outline the path of construction. Once this is completed, Flint will start developing its construction work package (CWP) plan. Flint will finalize their CWP’s and their field/installation work packages (FIWP) to be used in construction.
  • Health and Safety – There are several critical aspects in successfully delivering any project. Flint feels that none is more important than completing the project safely. We are committed to maintaining a safe, healthy and environmentally responsible workplace.

Flint is the clear choice for complete plant and facility construction services. With over 50 years of experience, our energy and industrial market clients have realized operational and project success cost savings and performance benefits utilizing our integrated service offerings. We continuously strive to enhance our processes and technology to minimize our client’s downtime and maximize their efficiency and profitability, while ensuring long-term asset integrity. Our results are supported by a solid foundation of processes and controls in our Safety, Quality, Operations, Project Management Office, Human Resources, and Supply Chain Systems. We recognize the importance of working collaboratively, planning, paying attention to details, and employing experienced supervisory and management teams. For more information visit our website or contact us.