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AssetArmor™ Product Line Launch

Published January 19, 2022.
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ClearStream Wear Technologies and Universal Weld Overlays (UWO), on behalf of ClearStream Energy Services (“ClearStream”), is pleased to announce the release of their comprehensive AssetArmor™ product line.

AssetArmor™ is the culmination of over 40 years of development and manufacturing of corrosion and abrasion solutions. This extensive offering has been forged through the combination of legacy businesses (Brospec LC, Matrix Wear Technologies, CladTech, and AFX Materials & Fabrication), along with the most recent acquisition of Universal Weld Overlays, and the addition of new exciting complementary products.

The added benefit to our valued clients is that we can offer ClearStream Wear Technologies, UWO, and new products in a collective manner all under one brand, while also demonstrating our expertise, knowledge, and capacity across the organization. By offering fit-for-purpose solutions, we reduce the total cost of ownership of our client's most valuable assets. Our culture is customer-centric, and our approach provides a collaborative and solutions-based relationship with our current and future client base. Our AssetArmor™ dedicated research and development team will be continuing to develop and release new products to anticipate the needs of industrial applications and markets we serve.

The AssetArmor™ product line is sold across North America, with Product Specialists located in key hubs in Canada and the US. Further information regarding our full suite of products and services, can be found through the below-mentioned resources: