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ClearStream Opens Doors in Downtown Calgary!

Published November 10, 2015.
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ClearStream Energy Holdings LP has officially opened its doors in downtown Calgary. The office, located on 6th Avenue SW, will be home to a number of individuals from our Executive Leadership and Business Development teams. The intent of this office is primarily for our executive and business development teams to reach out and connect with the Calgary market.

Previously, ClearStream had an office in a multi-business space in the Calgary core. This new space has allowed us to opportunity to bring together individuals who were working in the multi-business space and remotely. Within walk distance of our new office space are the head offices or Canadian corporate offices for Suncor, Imperial Oil, Enbridge, Husky, Cenovus, Agrium and many others.

While market conditions continue to affect our business, our leadership team recognizes the importance of creating a stronger presence in the Calgary market with key decision makers being close by. “We were able to secure a discounted lease on this facility which supported this growth in the area,” says John Cooper, Chief Executive Officer.

“This space allows us to directly connect with key senior decision makers from within our clients’ organization,” explains John.

If you are in the neighborhood, be sure to stop by and check out our new space!