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UWO was Awarded an Overlay Components Project for a Heat Exchanger by an International Oil Producer in the USA

Published September 3, 2020.
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Carbon Steel Nozzles/Drains w/ER316L Chemistry

UWO was awarded a project to overlay components for a heat exchanger for an international oil producer in the USA.

The alloy chosen was 2 Layers: 309L/317L (316L Chemistry) 3/16” min. thickness with base materials supplied by our client. Forgings and fittings ranged from 3” dia. - 24” dia. with overall nozzle lengths ranging from 11” to 16”. UWO completed all BW (Butt-Welds), WOL (Weld OverLay) and testing to comply with ASME Section VIII, Div. 1, ‘U’ Stamp requirements. All final machining was performed in house.

SOW overview – partial listing:

  • 3” dia. CL150 FFLWN nozzle
  • 6” dia. CL150 FFLWN nozzle
  • 14” dia. CL150 FFLWN nozzle
  • 14” dia. CL150, drain assembly
  • 24” dia. CL150, FFLWN nozzle

Testing Included:

  • RT: 100% BW
  • PMI: Weld consumables
  • PT: 10% of first layer, WOL
  • PT: 100% of final layer, WOL
  • Production Chemistry
  • Ferrite: Final WOL, 3-8FN)
  • VT: 100% final weld assembly

Click on this pdfLINK to review the abstract in PDF format. To help you with prolonging the life of your assets and protecting them against the harmful and costly effects of abrasion, erosion, corrosion and impact, give us a call today to discuss your custom overlay solutions or visit our website through this LINK.