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AssetArmorTM – the Ultimate Defence for Your Most Critical Assets

Published February 16, 2022.
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Flint Assetarmor Blog

Flint proudly presents the launch of AssetArmorTM – our new product line purposefully built and patented to shield your assets against corrosion and abrasion challenges.

What Is AssetArmorTM?

AssetArmorTM is an Alberta-based, Canadian-made product line that encompasses abrasion and corrosion protection solutions. It is the culmination of over 40 years of development, manufacturing experience, and product offering, leveraging global supply chain expertise and local manufacturing.

Our current abrasion and corrosion protection products will now be represented under this one comprehensive product line brand. In addition, new products are being offered under the AssetArmorTM brand, including Chrome White Iron, corrosion and abrasion cloud-based monitoring systems, field repair services (including specialty automated field overlay).

AssetArmorTM Product and Service Lines:

Chromium Carbide Overlay

Chromium Carbide Overlay is designed to provide protection against severe abrasion. Leveraging unique, vertically integrated operations allow for premium grade overlay solutions designed to withstand even the most hostile environments.

Our patented and semi-automated machines allow for multi-position welding and the highest quality performance.

Our Chromium Carbide Overlay is used in many different industries, including Oil & Gas, Mining & Crushing, Hydraulic Fracturing, Pump & Rotating Equipment, Petro Chemical, Construction, and Industrial Machinery and Equipment.

Learn more about our Chromium Carbide Overlay.

Chrome White Iron

Chrome White Iron with abrasion-resistant sleeves, developed to increase your operational time and serviceability. Our collaboration with Demir Engineering enables us to customize our products in accordance with your specific production needs. Together, we've developed a specialized piping solution that utilizes Chrome White Iron liners in a way that maintains strength and performance throughout the product's life cycle.

Some of the industries using Chrome White Iron are Mining & Crushing, Hydraulic Fracturing, Petro Chemical, Pump and Rotating Equipment, and Pulp & Paper.

Learn more about our Chrome White Iron and its applications.

Corrosion Resistant Alloys

Corrosion Resistant Alloys with over 300 material and overlay weld procedure combinations to work with. Some of the commonly used overlay solutions include 300-400 Series Stainless Steel, 904L, Aluminum Bronze, Stellite® #6 #1 & #712, Tungsten and Chromium Carbide, Duplex Stainless 2205 2507, & Hastelloy® C20 C22 C2.

Corrosion Resistant Alloys serves many different industries, including Oil & Gas, Petro Chemical & Chemical Processing, Mining, Geothermal, Aerospace, Nuclear, and Pharmaceutical.

Learn more about our CRA overlay solutions here.

Asset Integrity Monitoring

Asset Integrity Monitoring allows you to track your assets' integrity and protection performance in real-time. Our asset integrity monitoring technology is developed in collaboration with Spartan Controls and provides our customers with the opportunity to detect early signs of declining asset integrity and performance.

Asset Integrity Monitoring is a secret weapon for a number of industries, including Oil & Gas, Petro Chemical & Chemical Processing, Mining, Geothermal, Aerospace, Nuclear, and Pharmaceutical.

Learn more about why we trust Asset Integrity Monitoring.

Tungsten Carbide Overlay

Tungsten Carbide Overlay designed for use in heavy wear combined with high-flow applications.

Tungsten Carbide can be applied to your asset for longevity and durability. AssetArmor TM Tungsten Carbide Overlay application provides the ability to fabricate complex spools, giving you the opportunity to maximize the life of your assets.

Tungsten Carbide Overlay is used in the following industries such as Oil & Gas, Mining & Crushing, Hydraulic Fracturing, Pump & Rotating Equipment, Petro Chemical, Logging & Forestry, Construction, Aerospace & Aeronautics, Railroad, Wind Power & Power Generation, Agriculture, Marine and more.

Learn more about Tungsten Carbide Overlay and its applications.

Specialized Field Repair Services

Specialized Field Repair Services: Our emergency response team has the experience needed to quickly identify and resolve issues with your process equipment protection. We work 24/7, providing on-site corrosion repairs, asset maintenance, and alterations.

Our Corporate Responsibility and Certification

Our organization is committed to quality and safety, and we are proud holders of ASME U, ASME U2, ASME S, ABSA, CWB certifications, as well as APEGA permit to practice.

In addition, our efforts to be the best in the business have led us to have long-term relationships with regulatory bodies, allowing us to provide a wide range of product offerings, including supply code-compliant pressure equipment and subcontract welding on free-issue standard material.

What Type of Industries Do We Serve?

AssetArmor TM is designed to serve many different industries so they can rely on their most valuable assets for as long as possible. As an industry preferred partner, we work with clients in the following industries:

Oil & gasRefiningPetrochemical
Mining & crushingAgriculture & marinePulp & paper
Hydraulic fracturingWaste treatmentsPharmaceutical
Pump/Rotating equipmentAerospace & aeronauticsLogging & forestry
Industrial machinery & equipmentWind power & power generationConstruction

What Are the Key Benefits of AssetArmorTM for Your Business?

AssetArmorTM products reduce the total cost of ownership of our clients' most valuable assets. Our fit-for-purpose product solutions extend the life of key asset components, resulting in the achievement of maintenance interval targets without the requirement to complete unscheduled, costly in-service repairs.

Why should you choose AssetArmorTM?

AssetArmor™ is a product line by ClearStream Wear Technologies and Universal Weld Overlays, which helps maximize your cost savings by shielding the most important assets for your business from the destructive impact of corrosion and abrasion. The product line consists of five protection solutions with applications in various industries, including Oil & Gas, Petro Chemical, Mining, Pharmaceutical, and more.

Our dedication to excellence, experience and expertise made us one of the largest weld overlay solution companies in North America, and we couldn't be prouder. We bring to the table over 50 years of experience in manufacturing dependable asset protection products for your business, ensuring that you get the best quality products for your needs.

Our product line is the ultimate defence your assets need to stand the test of time, even when used in the most hostile environments. AssetArmorTM is a result of our commitment to innovation, many research efforts over the years and testing programs for our products.

For more information about AssetArmorTM and how we can help protect your assets and increase their useful life, contact us.