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Flint has maintained a local presence in Fort McMurray for 40 years. In March 2021, Flint Energy Services and the Fort McMurray First Nation Group of Companies entered into a joint-venture agreement with the purpose of creating employment and training opportunities for citizens of the Nation and expanding community investment to support capacity building within the Fort McMurray 468 First Nation.

In Fort McMurray today, Flint and the Fort McMurray First Nations Group of Companies are proud to help local clients bring resources to the world in a safe, responsible, and cost-efficient manner.

The Fort McMurray 468 First Nation is committed to working together to care for their people, culture, and land to create a vibrant and healthy community that is economically sustainable and self-reliant. The Nation is located 38 kilometers from Fort McMurray, and has 268 members on reserve and 568 members off reserve that are guided by eight community pillars founded in their Nation’s traditional medicine wheel.

The Fort McMurray First Nations Group of Companies is the business arm wholly owned by the Fort McMurray 468 First Nation. The Group of Companies was founded in 1987 to contribute to the overall growth and sustainability of the community by working with local businesses and industry partners. In alliance with selected industry partners, Fort McMurray First Nations Group of Companies is focused on increasing employment within the Nation, fostering a culture of safety, and creating sustainable business growth.

Our organization’s commitment to local and Indigenous inclusion in conjunction with the Fort McMurray First Nation Group of Companies’ goals to create growth and sustainability within their community has allowed for our two companies to engage in this joint venture relationship founded on transparency, trust, and communication. This joint venture leverages the experience of both Flint and the Fort McMurray First Nation Group of Companies.

Under the joint venture, in conjunction with the Fort McMurray 468 First Nation, Flint is proud to offer the following services:

What are the goals of the joint venture?

A major portion of our joint venture agreement is training Fort McMurray 468 First Nation citizens on heavy equipment as part of our Emerald Career Program. This program was developed for candidates who are interested in starting a career as a Heavy Equipment Operator but need the training and experience required in the resource industry. Further, the Emerald Career Program targets a portion of Fort McMurray 468 First Nation enrolment in an effort to assist citizens of the nation in acquiring the knowledge and skills they require to work as heavy equipment operators in the resource sector. The Emerald Career Program identifies exceptional candidates to join our team and enroll in a full week of one-on-one simulator training, followed by comprehensive on-site training for graduates of the program.

In addition to the Emerald Career Program, Flint and the Fort McMurray First Nation Group of Companies conduct significant business within the Fort McMurray/Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo area under the terms of our joint venture agreement, such as the provision of local fabrication, local machining, heavy equipment operators, mechanical, and maintenance/turnaround work together. This partnership allows for members of the Fort McMurray 468 First Nation to gain valuable experience in the oil sands region specific to their trade and promotes capacity building within the community.

Further, as part of Flint’s commitment to local and Indigenous communities in the areas in which we operate, our organization provides an annual scholarship to the Fort McMurray 468 First Nation.

The importance of Indigenous inclusion:

For over 40 years, our organization has been dedicated to creating long-term partnerships in the communities that we live and operate in. This includes a strong emphasis on commitment to local communities through the engagement of local Indigenous groups in the communities in which we work.

Our organization accomplishes this in two main methods:

Our formalized relationships are designed to leverage each party’s strengths. We align with entities who share the same core values as our organization – including fostering strong relationships, commitment to excellence, investment in people, and responsible decision-making. Our belief is that both parties must be committed to growing the formalized relationship, through development and agreement on key targets and common goals.

With relationships founded on transparency, trust, and communication, our organization takes a collaborative approach to the pursuit of opportunities and execution of work. We recognize the value of shared success, from cultural engagement, complementary execution expertise, economic, and social capacity building for shared economic value, and overall sustainability. Flint seeks to include key commitments around training, scholarship, investment, expanded opportunities, and capacity building. As such, our organization has formalized relationships with five Indigenous groups and commits to providing numerous employment opportunities and significant community investment to each partner.

In addition to the direct benefit of joint venture relationships, our organization has several corporate initiatives related to Indigenous Participation in its projects, along with a host of affiliations through which engagement is facilitated, such as: the Apprenticeship Program, Management Trainee Program, Ride Along Program, and the Building Environmental Aboriginal Human Resources (BEAHR) Program.

Contact Us

To contact Flint, please email the Flint Communications department at [email protected]

To contact the Fort McMurray First Nation Group of Companies, please email Ryan Coish at [email protected]

If you’re interested in the Emerald Career Program, apply here.

Flint proudly presents the launch of AssetArmorTM – our new product line purposefully built and patented to shield your assets against corrosion and abrasion challenges.

What Is AssetArmorTM?

AssetArmorTM is an Alberta-based, Canadian-made product line that encompasses abrasion and corrosion protection solutions. It is the culmination of over 40 years of development, manufacturing experience, and product offering, leveraging global supply chain expertise and local manufacturing.

Our current abrasion and corrosion protection products will now be represented under this one comprehensive product line brand. In addition, new products are being offered under the AssetArmorTM brand, including Chrome White Iron, corrosion and abrasion cloud-based monitoring systems, field repair services (including specialty automated field overlay).

AssetArmorTM Product and Service Lines:

Chromium Carbide Overlay

Chromium Carbide Overlay is designed to provide protection against severe abrasion. Leveraging unique, vertically integrated operations allow for premium grade overlay solutions designed to withstand even the most hostile environments.

Our patented and semi-automated machines allow for multi-position welding and the highest quality performance.

Our Chromium Carbide Overlay is used in many different industries, including Oil & Gas, Mining & Crushing, Hydraulic Fracturing, Pump & Rotating Equipment, Petro Chemical, Construction, and Industrial Machinery and Equipment.

Learn more about our Chromium Carbide Overlay.

Chrome White Iron

Chrome White Iron with abrasion-resistant sleeves, developed to increase your operational time and serviceability. Our collaboration with Demir Engineering enables us to customize our products in accordance with your specific production needs. Together, we've developed a specialized piping solution that utilizes Chrome White Iron liners in a way that maintains strength and performance throughout the product's life cycle.

Some of the industries using Chrome White Iron are Mining & Crushing, Hydraulic Fracturing, Petro Chemical, Pump and Rotating Equipment, and Pulp & Paper.

Learn more about our Chrome White Iron and its applications.

Corrosion Resistant Alloys

Corrosion Resistant Alloys with over 300 material and overlay weld procedure combinations to work with. Some of the commonly used overlay solutions include 300-400 Series Stainless Steel, 904L, Aluminum Bronze, Stellite® #6 #1 & #712, Tungsten and Chromium Carbide, Duplex Stainless 2205 2507, & Hastelloy® C20 C22 C2.

Corrosion Resistant Alloys serves many different industries, including Oil & Gas, Petro Chemical & Chemical Processing, Mining, Geothermal, Aerospace, Nuclear, and Pharmaceutical.

Learn more about our CRA overlay solutions here.

Asset Integrity Monitoring

Asset Integrity Monitoring allows you to track your assets' integrity and protection performance in real-time. Our asset integrity monitoring technology is developed in collaboration with Spartan Controls and provides our customers with the opportunity to detect early signs of declining asset integrity and performance.

Asset Integrity Monitoring is a secret weapon for a number of industries, including Oil & Gas, Petro Chemical & Chemical Processing, Mining, Geothermal, Aerospace, Nuclear, and Pharmaceutical.

Learn more about why we trust Asset Integrity Monitoring.

Tungsten Carbide Overlay

Tungsten Carbide Overlay designed for use in heavy wear combined with high-flow applications.

Tungsten Carbide can be applied to your asset for longevity and durability. AssetArmor TM Tungsten Carbide Overlay application provides the ability to fabricate complex spools, giving you the opportunity to maximize the life of your assets.

Tungsten Carbide Overlay is used in the following industries such as Oil & Gas, Mining & Crushing, Hydraulic Fracturing, Pump & Rotating Equipment, Petro Chemical, Logging & Forestry, Construction, Aerospace & Aeronautics, Railroad, Wind Power & Power Generation, Agriculture, Marine and more.

Learn more about Tungsten Carbide Overlay and its applications.

Specialized Field Repair Services

Specialized Field Repair Services: Our emergency response team has the experience needed to quickly identify and resolve issues with your process equipment protection. We work 24/7, providing on-site corrosion repairs, asset maintenance, and alterations.

Our Corporate Responsibility and Certification

Our organization is committed to quality and safety, and we are proud holders of ASME U, ASME U2, ASME S, ABSA, CWB certifications, as well as APEGA permit to practice.

In addition, our efforts to be the best in the business have led us to have long-term relationships with regulatory bodies, allowing us to provide a wide range of product offerings, including supply code-compliant pressure equipment and subcontract welding on free-issue standard material.

What Type of Industries Do We Serve?

AssetArmor TM is designed to serve many different industries so they can rely on their most valuable assets for as long as possible. As an industry preferred partner, we work with clients in the following industries:

Oil & gasRefiningPetrochemical
Mining & crushingAgriculture & marinePulp & paper
Hydraulic fracturingWaste treatmentsPharmaceutical
Pump/Rotating equipmentAerospace & aeronauticsLogging & forestry
Industrial machinery & equipmentWind power & power generationConstruction

What Are the Key Benefits of AssetArmorTM for Your Business?

AssetArmorTM products reduce the total cost of ownership of our clients' most valuable assets. Our fit-for-purpose product solutions extend the life of key asset components, resulting in the achievement of maintenance interval targets without the requirement to complete unscheduled, costly in-service repairs.

Why should you choose AssetArmorTM?

AssetArmor™ is a product line by ClearStream Wear Technologies and Universal Weld Overlays, which helps maximize your cost savings by shielding the most important assets for your business from the destructive impact of corrosion and abrasion. The product line consists of five protection solutions with applications in various industries, including Oil & Gas, Petro Chemical, Mining, Pharmaceutical, and more.

Our dedication to excellence, experience and expertise made us one of the largest weld overlay solution companies in North America, and we couldn't be prouder. We bring to the table over 50 years of experience in manufacturing dependable asset protection products for your business, ensuring that you get the best quality products for your needs.

Our product line is the ultimate defence your assets need to stand the test of time, even when used in the most hostile environments. AssetArmorTM is a result of our commitment to innovation, many research efforts over the years and testing programs for our products.

For more information about AssetArmorTM and how we can help protect your assets and increase their useful life, contact us.



Proper safety standards in the workplace are crucial for employees' wellbeing. These standards can vary depending on the industry, but there are some universal guidelines that all employers should follow. For example, employers should provide a safe and secure environment for their employees, train them on operating machinery or equipment safely and responsibly, and give employees the resources they need to do their job correctly and safely.

Employees should be taught how to use tools and machinery properly. In addition, their training should emphasize wearing appropriate protective gear such as gloves, eyewear, respirators, earplugs or headphones as needed, following procedures for hazardous materials, and knowing what steps to take if an emergency arises, such as a fire or spill.

Some industries have unique safety hazards that need special attention. At Flint, we take safety as a priority, and this is why we have developed industry-leading policies that help us ensure our employee's wellbeing in the workplace.

Our Safety Initiatives and Policies

At Flint, we develop our safety standards in several directions:

How We Improve Safety Through Our Initiatives

Over the years, our organization has shifted from a reactive to a proactive culture, focusing on what we can do to indirectly impact lagging indicators by focusing on leading indicators. We developed best practices in all functional responsibilities and hold our leaders accountable for implementing those in their work. In addition, we are proactive in monitoring and evaluating our safety practices through daily operations to build functional policies and validate our safety management.

Our initiatives help us improve our policies and provide the best work environment for our employees. Some examples of these initiatives are:

The Importance of Training Initiatives as a Preventative Measure

Training initiatives help in the development of human resources in all sectors. They are necessary not only to improve skills and develop new knowledge but also to implement some safety practices in the workplace. At Flint, we engage our employees in training initiatives to help them improve their workforce competencies and stay safe during work. Some examples of our training initiatives are:

We are proud to provide a wide range of solutions to the Energy and Industrial markets, and to ensure a secure work environment to our employees. An important part of this process is to ensure safety in practice – by providing our colleagues with the right tools and empowerment to achieve organizational effectiveness in their work.

As part of our corporate responsibility, all of our services are supported by safety standards and special measures in place to ensure that all of our teams and clients will be safe during their work with us.

How Flint’s Awards and Recognition Program Recognizes Exceptional Safety Practices

Our Awards and Recognition program is another initiative we are proud of.

Every January, Flint awards two teams (divisional and district) our CEO Safety in Action awards for their ideas and efforts in establishing a safer work environment for our teams. The award is based on the previous year's performance and helps us recognize some of the exceptional ideas and measures taken to ensure safety in our workplace.

We are happy to announce the two teams that we will award this year on a special award presentation that took place on 13th of January 2022.

From all of us at Flint:

We Acknowledge Our Corporate Responsibility

Safety standards and protocols should always be followed in an industrial workplace. This includes wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment, maintaining a safe distance from hazardous equipment, and following company safety guidelines. The best way to maintain a safe work environment is for management and employees to do their part.

At Flint, we believe that our teams are our greatest resource. We hire the best professionals and cultivate a culture where our employees can improve their knowledge and skills. Our training programs and safety initiatives aim to support our teams in being the best without risking their health and wellbeing in the workplace.

In an industry with many specific risk factors and hazards, it's important to acknowledge responsibility in establishing good practices and standards and following them through daily operations. We trust that our achievements are a significant step towards creating the best work environment possible for our teams and limiting the stress in their work. This is why we invest in a number of initiatives, contributing to the collision of safety and excellence at work.



At Flint, we believe that everybody deserves a chance at greatness. As an Energy Industry leader with over 50 years of experience, we know that the road to success is not always a straight and easy one.

\We believe in supporting our communities so we can contribute to their growth and social, professional, and environmental development. One way to do that is just by being empathetic. The better way to do that is by proactively participating in meaningful charities and sponsorships, which will change lives.

Why Giving Back to Our Communities Is Important to Us?

One of our core values is to support our communities. Engaging people in a way to lead to their growth and development is a fundamental part of our Corporate Responsibility philosophy. Each year we partner with numerous charitable organizations and support them in their mission to make a difference. An essential part of our journey as a leader and trusted provider of industrial and asset integrity services is our partnership with KidSport – an organization dedicated to helping children find their way back to the sports field.

How Do We Partner With KidSport?

In our effort to be a provider of maintenance services for our clients and to be a good example of how corporate values can align with meaningful charitable activities, we decided to match up to 2500$ of donations made to KidSport!

How Can You Help?

You can take part in this initiative in several ways:

Our Joint Efforts Mean a Better Future for Many Children Who Dream About Sport

Children need to be active in order to maintain healthy minds and bodies. Unfortunately, today, participating in a sports activity is considered a luxury for many kids and families. As part of this community, we strive to make responsible decisions and choose a partner for our charitable initiatives.

In this - we trust KidSport.

The non-profit organization provides children with the opportunity to play sports for free. They aim to make it possible for all kids to play even if they can't afford it. But their work doesn't stop there.

KidSport also helps parents by providing information about programs, schedules, drop-in opportunities, and they host free clinics for parents on how they can support their child's sports development. But why is this important now?

Why Is Sport So Important for Children?

Sporting activity is an essential factor in the social and academic life of every child.

The benefits of participating in a sport are many:

Furthermore, a sports activity could be a valuable teacher for dealing with difficult circumstances. A recent Ipsos study found that 78% of parents are concerned with their kids being outside of the sport’s field because that absence creates a sense of loneliness and isolation for their children.

We believe that overcoming this challenge is an important part of every child’s development.

We Are Team Players, and We Want to Help Other Teams Grow

At Flint, we consider ourselves an A-team. We believe that our people and processes are the pillars of our company, and we strive to be the best team for our clients, so we provide the Energy and Industrial markets with high-quality solutions.

We teamed up with KidSport in order to help children gain a sense of belonging – whether they participate in a sport’s team or practice an individual sporting activity. In our efforts to encourage children to go back to the sport’s field, we not only sponsor this initiative by matching up to 2500$ of donations made to KidSport, but we also raise a discussion about the importance of being part of a team.

It is no secret that team vision, belonging, and collaboration are essential for success. These three things help teams thrive. It is important to create an environment where children feel like they belong. We believe that can be done by celebrating success, building relationships, and empowering others.

What Do Sports and the Process of Facility Building Have in Common?

As an established provider of industrial and asset integrity services, at Flint we evolved with every step of our experience. Even though sport and the industrial market seem to have nothing in common, some of the challenges we faced over the years became valuable lessons that we can carry over to the field of sport.

We strive to be the best at facility building, and that is why we know that creating a stable foundation is a crucial part of the process. Just as in facility building, a strong foundation is essential for any child’s development and here is where sports can help. Sports cultivate leaders, ignite inclusivity, and assist in the creation of safer and stable communities. They are the base from where a child can live up to his true potential and build a positive and successful life.

We Are Experienced in Overcoming Obstacles

At Flint, we know how to make a way in places where it seems like there is no way. We have experience in all environments, including muskeg, rock, mountainous, and even ecological and sensitive areas. Learning how to overcome obstacles has been a critical part of our professional journey so far, and this is why we are on a mission to help others overcome obstacles as well.

In terms of this initiative and our partnership with KidSport, we raise our corporate responsibility by creating a discussion about the importance of sport to Calgary and Area kids of all ages and by contributing to the cause ourselves.

We encourage you to step up and participate in KidsSport’s donation campaign and give the gift of sport to Calgary and Area kids.








It's been a long time coming, but Canada's leading event for turnaround and shutdowns is returning to Calgary this December! Being part of the turnaround and shutdown industry, we all know both are unavoidable and necessary.

Shutdowns, also known as outages, require that the facility stop part or all of its operations to upgrade and maintain its equipment. Poorly planned shutdowns can cause massive losses to the company. However, on the other hand, if your shutdowns are planned and executed effectively, you'll see significant positive impacts like an increase in productivity and earnings.

N. Wotton Presenting

Flint is excited to have this huge event return. We've had the opportunity to present at the shutdown and turnaround super conference in 2018 and 2019, and shared our experience on how a collaborative team environment between stakeholders, and early contractor engagement is key to a successful turnaround.

The superconference has been a fantastic opportunity for those in the industry to get the latest information on safety, scheduling, efficiency and cost management. Take workshops and learn from the best in the industry, learn about turnaround planning, preparations for shutdowns and successful turnarounds.

Despite the labour shortages experienced across our industry, Flint’s recruitment team has deployed 900 trades for seven concurrent turnarounds. So it's been a busy fall turnaround season for us and we are actively recruiting for our Spring Turnarounds. If you are looking for work, check out our Shutdowns schedule for trades required for 2022 through this LINK.

Flint, an industry leader, is your go-to choice for facility shutdowns and turnarounds. We supply end-to-end solutions and support all aspects of the facility including:

  1. Operations, maintenance, and project management
  2. Project controls, planners & schedulers, and estimators
  3. Operations support
  4. Strategic sourcing: procurement, expediting & logistics, materials management
  5. Safety & quality management systems
  6. Inspection services
  7. Regulatory compliance
  8. Complete plant & field personnel
  9. Subcontractor management
  10. Exchanger & bundle pulling

With over 50 years of experience, Flint minimizes our client's downtime and maximizes their profitability. We're dedicated to providing the best services when it comes to maintenance and turnaround. Connect and book with us for your next turnaround!

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As you know, winter in Alberta can be brutal - blizzards, freezing temperatures and icy conditions. Severe changes in the weather are common for us. We can have snowfall as early as October. Knowing how to be prepared for winter weather before, during and after a storm can keep a business safe and continuously running.

At Flint, our goal is to perform work through the winter season without so much as a trip or fall injury and any weather-related motor vehicle incident. To achieve this, we have a plan.

In Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan, weather conditions can arrive as early as October and continue through to the end of April! We're not kidding when we say that Canada has only two seasons, most of which is winter. Weather changes create hazards, slippery in the morning and wet in the afternoon. If uncontrolled, these hazards can increase the risk of injury to your employees and increase the potential damage to vehicles and equipment.

We have adopted the "Winter Work & Preparation" guide, which will help us assess, audit, and mitigate winter hazards. We start with:

After the pre-season, we will:

While providing our services such as maintenance and turnarounds, facility construction, pipeline installation or environmental consulting, is when we would usually be walking on slippery surfaces. Walk like a penguin when going across icy surfaces and have sanding materials and shovels ready on worksites and office locations.

If you need to commute, ensure you:

Winter conditions can be scary, but they're less dangerous if you're prepared. So feel free to follow Flint's winter preparations! Safety is the core of everything we do in our business.

Flint is an Energy Industry leader in Environmental Consulting, Construction, Maintenance and Turnaround services. We continuously strive to minimize our client’s downtime and maximize their profitability. We ensure long-term asset integrity to safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively improve facilities and operations.

With a legacy of excellence and experience spanning over 50 years, Flint works day-in and day-out to provide the best solutions for our customers in the Energy and Industrial markets. Flint is a full-service integrated provider across Canada for:

We pride ourselves in offering industry-leading services through embedded or non-embedded workforce operating models. We strive for zero injuries, flawless execution that is on budget and on schedule.

Safety is one of our core values and we want our people to arrive home safely every day. Safety is not a choice; it is a lifestyle. Safety and quality are at the core of everything we do at Flint and are implemented into our operating procedures and standards. With industry-leading policies and more quality certifications than our competitors, Flint is the clear choice for quality work done safely.

If you are looking for a full-service integrated offering, safe execution, and operational excellence, Flint is your clear choice. Contact us today for more information!

Living in Canada, you have probably heard something about pipelines, whether in the news, regular conversation or many debates. In Canada, 97% of the natural gas and oil we use is delivered safely and efficiently by pipelines. But how are these pipelines put in place?

Pipeline Installation Preparations

Installing an oil and gas pipeline is very complex and requires preparations. Therefore, when a pipeline is being designed, the owner must perform several evaluations of the proposed right of way. First, environmental assessments are performed that evaluate potential impacts to ecology, water systems and the habitat for many species at risk that may reside in the area. Taking surveys and confirming that the terrain chosen will provide enough stability provides confidence in the structural performance of the pipeline. Oil and gas companies must follow several rules and regulations before installation occurs, ensuring their equipment, personnel, and processes meet all standards in order to minimize the overall impact of the pipeline on the surrounding lands. Because of this, an inspection must take place at every stage of installation; from fabrication, welding, line lowering, to the final replacement of disturbed soils and right of way maintenance.

When working in such challenging environments with heavy machinery, there is potential for something to go wrong. Emergency preparations are essential. Companies must design detailed, site-specific mitigation plans to minimize injury, environmental damage and ensure operations are restored as quickly as possible. Pipeline installation can often take years to complete. Once complete, the pipelines must be fit for carrying oil and gas.

What is Pipeline Integrity?

Much like your car, it is important to perform regular maintenance inspections in order to ensure that a pipeline is performing as it should and to avoid any type of system failure. Pipeline integrity plans protect the pipeline, ensuring all components are working and no fluids are released from the pipeline. Pipeline integrity management prevents failures by inspecting pipelines, both internally and externally, in order to collect data regarding the pipeline’s performance. This inspection determines if the pipeline requires repair or possibly replacement. A repair is often ordered on a section of pipeline that is trending in the wrong direction. Much like your car, this is done before any real damage can occur, which prevents fluid release. Exposing the section of concern for repair is called an integrity dig.

Flint has the experience to safely and efficiently execute pipeline construction of laterals, tie-ins and gathering lines up to 16" diameter and above-ground pipelines to much greater size. Flint provides complete services, including constructability design, right of way preparation, installation and right of way reclamation. Once operational, our staff has the experience to complete integrity digs throughout Canada. We are experienced in determining the exact location of integrity digs using in-line inspections.

Flint is the clear choice for your pipeline installation services. For more information, contact us, and we'll be glad to answer any questions.

What is instrumentation?

Electrical and instrumentation are a subfield of electrical engineering that mainly focuses on measurements of process variables (such as temperature, pressure and volume) in industrial facilities and equipment management used for automated controls.

The increase in automated equipment has led to stunning technological advancements, but with a significant rise in automation, concerns for worker safety is also increased. In the past, machinery was much simpler to operate; it has become much more complicated over time. Workers must go through proper training to use it, and there needs to be trained personnel to repair the machines. In addition, when working with such heavy and dangerous machines, it is difficult to gather accurate measurements. That is why instrumentation is so essential.

Flint Importance Of Instrumentation July Blog 2021 Pic3

For example, if you are driving a car, the car has instruments that notify you of your speed, oil levels or gas. These are automated so that the driver does not have to measure them manually. When the car is having problems, it notifies the driver. When operating heavy machinery, it is not as simple as a car. With the numerous amount of processes involved, accurate instrumentation is required to make sure operations run smoothly. Operators must be aware of many factors such as pressure, fluid level, temperature and more. Inaccurate readings can lead to personnel injuries.

Flint is a western Canadian-based Electrical and Instrumentation, service provider. We serve multiple business sectors: oil and gas, pulp and paper, petrochemical, commercial, light industrial, food and beverage, municipal water and sewer, power generation, mining, and transportation.

Our electrical and instrumentation installations are completed in compliance with the latest edition of the Canadian Electrical Code. A code-compliant installation ensures the protection of people, the asset and the environment.

We construct, maintain and provide on-call Electrical and Instrumentation services from our 5 locations. Flint is licensed to provide electrical contracting services in each of the four western provinces. We've provided continuous services to our customers for over 40 years.

Sources used in the article:



Flint builds and maintains world-class facilities; our end-to-end solutions include project and construction management, constructability and planning (advanced work packaging), the path of construction and 3D scanning, fabrication, construction, and commissioning. We are experts in executing each project safely and on schedule. Not many understand what goes into the construction of a facility, a few things that go into each successful project are:

Planning and Experience: FLINT is an Industry Leader!

Flint’s experience has shown that the following factors are key and typically provide our clients with the greatest opportunity to reduce their total installed cost (TIC) while ensuring the operability of an asset:

The constructability phase is all about planning and putting our experience to work! This important step provides Flint with the greatest opportunity to influence the project decisions early in the design. Constructability has many aspects, which includes the following:

Flint is the clear choice for complete plant and facility construction services. With over 50 years of experience, our energy and industrial market clients have realized operational and project success cost savings and performance benefits utilizing our integrated service offerings. We continuously strive to enhance our processes and technology to minimize our client’s downtime and maximize their efficiency and profitability, while ensuring long-term asset integrity. Our results are supported by a solid foundation of processes and controls in our Safety, Quality, Operations, Project Management Office, Human Resources, and Supply Chain Systems. We recognize the importance of working collaboratively, planning, paying attention to details, and employing experienced supervisory and management teams. For more information visit our website or contact us.