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How Flint and KidSport Help Children Go Back to the Sports Field

Published December 1, 2021.
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At Flint, we believe that everybody deserves a chance at greatness. As an Energy Industry leader with over 50 years of experience, we know that the road to success is not always a straight and easy one.

\We believe in supporting our communities so we can contribute to their growth and social, professional, and environmental development. One way to do that is just by being empathetic. The better way to do that is by proactively participating in meaningful charities and sponsorships, which will change lives.

Why Giving Back to Our Communities Is Important to Us?

One of our core values is to support our communities. Engaging people in a way to lead to their growth and development is a fundamental part of our Corporate Responsibility philosophy. Each year we partner with numerous charitable organizations and support them in their mission to make a difference. An essential part of our journey as a leader and trusted provider of industrial and asset integrity services is our partnership with KidSport – an organization dedicated to helping children find their way back to the sports field.

How Do We Partner With KidSport?

In our effort to be a provider of maintenance services for our clients and to be a good example of how corporate values can align with meaningful charitable activities, we decided to match up to 2500$ of donations made to KidSport!

How Can You Help?

You can take part in this initiative in several ways:

  • Make a donation on KidSport’s website until January 4, 2022.
  • Share the initiative with your friends and family using your social media accounts.

Our Joint Efforts Mean a Better Future for Many Children Who Dream About Sport

Children need to be active in order to maintain healthy minds and bodies. Unfortunately, today, participating in a sports activity is considered a luxury for many kids and families. As part of this community, we strive to make responsible decisions and choose a partner for our charitable initiatives.

In this - we trust KidSport.

The non-profit organization provides children with the opportunity to play sports for free. They aim to make it possible for all kids to play even if they can't afford it. But their work doesn't stop there.

KidSport also helps parents by providing information about programs, schedules, drop-in opportunities, and they host free clinics for parents on how they can support their child's sports development. But why is this important now?

Why Is Sport So Important for Children?

Sporting activity is an essential factor in the social and academic life of every child.

The benefits of participating in a sport are many:

  • It increases children’s social skills;
  • It helps with improving health management;
  • It’s an opportunity to use time constructively;
  • It’s a way to unlock real potential and give the child a dream to pursue!

Furthermore, a sports activity could be a valuable teacher for dealing with difficult circumstances. A recent Ipsos study found that 78% of parents are concerned with their kids being outside of the sport’s field because that absence creates a sense of loneliness and isolation for their children.

We believe that overcoming this challenge is an important part of every child’s development.

We Are Team Players, and We Want to Help Other Teams Grow

At Flint, we consider ourselves an A-team. We believe that our people and processes are the pillars of our company, and we strive to be the best team for our clients, so we provide the Energy and Industrial markets with high-quality solutions.

We teamed up with KidSport in order to help children gain a sense of belonging – whether they participate in a sport’s team or practice an individual sporting activity. In our efforts to encourage children to go back to the sport’s field, we not only sponsor this initiative by matching up to 2500$ of donations made to KidSport, but we also raise a discussion about the importance of being part of a team.

It is no secret that team vision, belonging, and collaboration are essential for success. These three things help teams thrive. It is important to create an environment where children feel like they belong. We believe that can be done by celebrating success, building relationships, and empowering others.

What Do Sports and the Process of Facility Building Have in Common?

As an established provider of industrial and asset integrity services, at Flint we evolved with every step of our experience. Even though sport and the industrial market seem to have nothing in common, some of the challenges we faced over the years became valuable lessons that we can carry over to the field of sport.

We strive to be the best at facility building, and that is why we know that creating a stable foundation is a crucial part of the process. Just as in facility building, a strong foundation is essential for any child’s development and here is where sports can help. Sports cultivate leaders, ignite inclusivity, and assist in the creation of safer and stable communities. They are the base from where a child can live up to his true potential and build a positive and successful life.

We Are Experienced in Overcoming Obstacles

At Flint, we know how to make a way in places where it seems like there is no way. We have experience in all environments, including muskeg, rock, mountainous, and even ecological and sensitive areas. Learning how to overcome obstacles has been a critical part of our professional journey so far, and this is why we are on a mission to help others overcome obstacles as well.

In terms of this initiative and our partnership with KidSport, we raise our corporate responsibility by creating a discussion about the importance of sport to Calgary and Area kids of all ages and by contributing to the cause ourselves.

We encourage you to step up and participate in KidsSport’s donation campaign and give the gift of sport to Calgary and Area kids.