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Published October 8, 2020.
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ClearStream Wear was awarded the work to complete the fabrication of two 20” x 14” injection Static Mixers made from A516-70N material to be used for a tailings line for our client in Fort McMurray. Each mixer had three 2” nozzles and two reducers, which were formed inhouse. ClearStream was responsible for designing and fabricating the lifting lugs for the pieces.

The overall scope of work included:

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Material procurement
  • Assembly
  • Fabrication
  • Application of chromium carbide (double pass 9.5mm)
  • Testing of material (including hydrotesting and applicable NDE)
  • Inspection
  • Surface preparation
  • Shipment

The mixer was designed, fabricated, tested and inspected as per 'ASME B31.4 ' standard and applicable client standards. All supplied material met the requirement of an MDMT of -29deg C. ClearStream self-performed hardness testing on the CCO surface, which was done on 4 quadrants on both ends of the spool. In house contractors performed ultrasonic testing (UT) - 100% on all long seam welds, 10% on all butt welds, and magnetic particle testing (MT), 100% on all nozzle openings, 10% on all fillet welds. The ends of the spool were tapered to meet the downstream and upstream connections, hydrotested to client conditions and prepped for shipment. 

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